summative evaluation

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summative (or objective-oriented) evaluation

a retrospective review of how well an project or organization has performed (either after the programme has been completed or at set time intervals), enabling summary statements and judgements to be made. This approach often utilizes criteria against which achievements can be compared, e.g. an organization's performance can be measured against its aims and objectives, by measuring inputs and outputs, by using PERFORMANCE INDICATORS, comparing a similar organization or contrasting benefits accrued to beneficiaries with a control group. Summative or objective-oriented evaluation can be subdivided into ‘process evaluation’, which examines the use of inputs (such as time and money); and ‘outcome evaluation’, which considers the effectiveness of the outcome. See EVALUATION and FORMATIVE EVALUATION.
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- judge merit or worth of program (such is the purpose of a "summative evaluation"),
Experience suggests that no matter how successful a project proves to be, summative evaluation always identifies some lessons that can be applied to future projects.
The summative evaluation process for teachers should have real consequences that result in improvement or reassignment to noninstructional tasks.
Further, a summative evaluation of the implemented pilot system was carried out by interviewing direct stakeholders (project partners) to enrich the observations made by the authors and to gain information for future research and the subsequent user-centric evaluation of the system.
The act came into force in 2006 and, according to the AADNC summative evaluation, the act "can be viewed as supporting capacity development along the governance continuum, which may ultimately lead to comprehensive self-government arrangements."
Every summative evaluation defines a cut-off point above which students are deemed to have passed and below which they are deemed to have failed.
Whereas group designs, typically the basis for summative evaluation, are readily accepted as providing scientific evidence for program effectiveness, single subject designs typically form the basis for formative evaluation.
To be effective, preceptors must have an evaluation framework and appropriate tools that include formative and summative evaluation.
Summative evaluation emphasizes end of unit appraisal.
The new study, "Summative Evaluation of the Ready to Learn Initiative," was conducted by Education Development Center (EDC; and SRI International (www.
As with formative research, the summative evaluation of Panwapa's impact took place across countries that were diverse in their cultures and languages.