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Summerland is the name given to the afterlife by Andrew Jackson Davis and adopted by most of Spiritualism. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said that he believed “'the Summerland,’ as Davis has named it, is quite as real and objective to its inmates as our world is to us.” Harry Boddington said, “Andrew Jackson Davis is often believed to have taught a fixed locality for his ’summerland’ and the various states he depicted. Each of these was described as adjoining the other in regular order, graduated to suit the type and quality of its inhabitants, with a radiant source of light at its center permeating the whole.” Frederick W. H. Myers said that it is a “plane of illusion (which) appears to be a blissful land of rest and harmony, partly a creation of the inhabitant’s own desires and the pleasures of earth-life, minus its drawbacks.”


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