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Also known as the "Messenger of the Gods," the Summoner was sent out by a coven High Priestess to advise the coveners of where and when the next meeting would take place. If it was a Witch Queen, or Queen of the Sabbat, who sent out word for an upcoming sabbat festival, the Summoner would travel to all the covens in the covendom. So that he might be recognized as a true messenger of the Old Religion, he wore red garters.

In The God of the Witches Margaret Murray says: "To any member of the coven might be deputed the task of summoner. In a small district the Chief himself would notify all members as to the place where the esbat or weekly meeting would be held; but in a large district a member, well known to the whole coven, went from house to house with the information."

Janet and Stewart Farrar speak of a Summoner known as a "Fetch," who not only advised of coven meetings but would also act as a go-between, or courier, with messages between coven leaders and others not necessarily of the coven(s). He (Summoners are usually male) would also act as an escort when needed.

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