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Sun Belt



southern tier of the United States, focused on Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California, and extending as far north as Virginia. The term gained wide use in the 1970s, when the economic and political impact of the nation's overall shift in population to the south and west became conspicuous. Areas near the Mexican border have received millions of immigrants since the 1960s. Economic growth in many Sun Belt cities since World War II has stimulated interregional migration from the NE United States and the Rust BeltRust Belt
or Rustbelt,
economic region in the NE quadrant of the United States, focused on the Midwestern (see Midwest) states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, as well as Pennsylvania.
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; by 1990, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio were among the ten largest cities in the United States. During the 1990s the fastest growing cities in the United States were in the Sun Belt. The warm climate has attracted large retirement communities, especially in Florida and Arizona. In addition, the birth rate in the Sun Belt is about 10% greater than that in the rest of the country. Attracted by the relative lack of labor unions and the prospect of cheaper labor than was generally available in the north, manufacturers began to locate in the Southeast in significant numbers after World War II; aerospace firms and defense contractors were drawn to the vicinity of military bases in S California and throughout the Southwest. Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma benefited from the oil booms of the 1970s. In addition, the enormous tourist industries of the Sun Belt (especially Florida and S California) have brought the region considerable wealth. Although overall the expansion of the Sun Belt's economy in recent decades has been dramatic, the distribution of the region's prosperity has been uneven; of the 25 metropolitan areas with the lowest per capita income in 1990, 23 were in the Sun Belt. The rapid fall of oil prices in the 1980s hurt the economies of the energy-producing areas of the Sun Belt; Houston was especially hard hit. By the 1980s, the Los Angeles area, beset by problems ranging from air pollution to a growing population of unskilled immigrants, came increasingly to resemble some of the troubled metropolitan areas of the North. Politically, the rise of the Sun Belt has generally been viewed as advantageous to the Republican party, especially in presidential elections. Since 1970, the Sun Belt has gained more than 25 electoral votes, mostly at the expense of the Northeast and Midwest.


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Over the years, Del Webb -- which is now a unit of PulteGroup -- built a series of Sun Belt retirement communities, constantly adding features, including indoor walking tracks and the latest exercise equipment.
Her goal scoring exploits earned her selection for the All Sun Belt first team and Soccer Buzz Central Region representative side.
As growth rates of Sun Belt high flyers such as Arizona, Florida and Nevada plummeted over the past three years, Texas held its own because of its relative immunity to extreme housing and job market downturns.
Carling joined Rebecca Sarjeant as the only other player in the school's history to win the women's Sun Belt Conference Championships individual title.
However, while the Sun Belt is bursting with growth, the still-populous Northeast still offers solid expansion opportunities for retail pharmacy.
First, Pack offers a rather narrow economic analysis to predict and examine the degree of the shift in economic activity and population from the cities to the suburbs and from the Frost Belt to the Sun Belt.
Natural constraints, federal ownership of land, and other factors may increasingly rein in some of the sprawl in the fast-growing dry region of the Sun Belt.
That could fit the pattern seen in a popular Sun Belt state like Arizona, but Wyoming, with a similar discrepancy in COPD and SAM rates, has had only a trace of immigration, and a powerful immigration magnet like California shows only a tiny discrepancy in COPD and SAM rates.
Distribution will be handled by the Dreyer's subsidiary Sun Belt Distributors of Houston, which serves H-E-B stores in Texas, Louisiana, and Mexico.
Sun Belt argues that it is entitled under NAFTA's Chapter 11 (the national treatment provisions) to the same access to Canadian water as Canadian companies enjoy.
For example, a lot of the education older people receive about where to live has been by real estate developers; there's much more money to he made selling condos in the Sun Belt, even though most would be more comfortable knowing that family is nearby.
Cities of the Sun Belt cut a wide swath--both geographically and otherwise.