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People with this sun sign take their time to choose their outfit even if they are going for a walk around the road, so make sure you have enough free time when shopping with them as every garment will be carefully selected to match their taste.
"But, rest assured, if you were born a Scorpio, you'll go to sleep tonight under that same sun sign, as far as I'm concerned," she said.
Over the years, I have enjoyed studying this and classifying behaviours under 'Sun Sign' without Astrology.
Herself a descendant of the Moghul lineage, Husain said, speaking in terms of ayurveda, your sun sign determines the stone that should be used on your skin.
Plain films will reveal unruptured pulmonary cysts as rounded masses of uniform density, while ruptured cysts result in complex cavitary lesions with variable radiographic features, which include an air-fluid level, a floating membrane (water-lily sign), a double wall, an essentially dry cyst with crumpled membranes (serpent sign, rising sun sign) or an empty cyst.
A big red circle around one particular entry left no doubt as to what his sun sign was.
Every sun sign has a lesson attached: Fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagitta-Capricorn: Staying grounded and giving service to others.
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Each section gives a basic overview of the topic, and the author delves into sun sign (astrology) and lunar year (Chinese horoscope) ascendants for an extra challenge.
With so many planets currently in his sun sign at the moment he's likely to have some new ideas up his sleeve.
* many people read the horoscopes for their sun sign;