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inflammation of the skin caused by actinic rays from the sun or artificial sources. Moderate exposure to ultraviolet radiation is followed by a red blush, but severe exposure may result in blisters, pain, and constitutional symptoms.
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Awning or window treatment that effectively blocks the sun’s heat.
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"I never ever thought about using sun cream to go to work but it just goes to show what sun exposure can do," he said.
"We want people to get the message that sun cream is no different to putting on a hard hat and gloves or any other form of protective clothing.
But adults' skin needs protecting in the same way - whether through using sun cream regularly, wearing a hat or simply avoiding the sun when it is at its strongest."
You know you should apply sun cream regularly, but three poolside cocktails later and you can't be bothered.
Mr Boateng said the information was unavailable, but told MPs: 'The Government has no plans to reduce the VAT on sun cream products.'
6-8 teaspoons of sun cream recommended for every application 23 Percentage of 19 to 64-year-olds who have low vitamin D levels
According to the charity's study, 18% of young people also admitted to burning deliberately to kick-start a tan, and 45% said they had forgotten to apply sun cream when on holiday.
But why, oh why, can't we enjoy it, without this constant barrage of warnings from the Met Office about staying indoors, caking on lashings of factor 500 sun cream, warning us the temperature's going to hit 30degC, that it's too hot to work, the old and young are at risk and next there will be a shortage of water and we are all doomed.
I don't ever remember as a very young child my mum putting much sun cream on me.
Research conducted on behalf of the charity found that 70 per cent of students have never been encouraged to wear sun cream before a sports lesson even though 83 per cent of them would wear it if they were asked.
Before I get any complaints from the "sun police" (I'm pretty sure they're not an actual thing) telling me I should have worn more sun cream, or a sun cream of a higher factor, I did.