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see sunburnsunburn,
inflammation of the skin caused by actinic rays from the sun or artificial sources. Moderate exposure to ultraviolet radiation is followed by a red blush, but severe exposure may result in blisters, pain, and constitutional symptoms.
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Awning or window treatment that effectively blocks the sun’s heat.
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Despite the care taken in childhood to protect her skin with sunblock, the camera picked up some dark spots area.Verdict: ``I had no idea what sort of problems I had caused by being so slack with sun-screens,'' she says.``I now promise to be religious about using UVA& UVB protection.''
Children at the Rugby Road nursery enjoyed a picnic in a park where they were given tubes of sun-screen and hats and warnings about the dangers of sunburn.
They are said to block 99.8 per cent of harmful UVA and UVB rays and make sun-screen and mosquito repellent unnecessary.
With its colourful collage of assorted shapes and sizes, bound together by the strict order of the perimeter 'circulation frame', the Centre has been describe as a metaphor for Singapore's multicultural, potentially fractious, but disciplined society.(1) The regular, three-storey frame -- an updated interpretation of the traditional 'five-foot-way' -- provides both sheltered access to the separate activities buildings as well as a wrap-around sun-screen and mediates effectively between the smaller scale and irregular elements withi the frame, and the larger, repetitious housing blocks beyond.
Lulu management has also added the Banana Boat label to its shelves featuring a variety of sun-screens and after-sun products in a timely manner for the scorching summer season.