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(self-designation, Sunda), a people in the mountainous western part of Java.

The Sundanese number approximately 19 million (1975, estimate). Racially, they belong to the southern Mongoloids. Their language, which belongs to the Indonesian languages, and their material culture are similar to those of the Javanese. Their religion is Islam, but they have also retained many ancient beliefs.

Since approximately A.D. 1500, the Sundanese have been noted for land cultivation, especially the growing of rice, corn, cassava, and vegetables. They have built irrigation canals and terraces. In the 20th century, plantations of tea, coffee, cacao, and rubber have become common. The Sundanese also raise livestock and engage in handicrafts, notably weaving. Ancient folk traditions are manifested in their art and crafts. Many Sundanese work in industry.

The Sundanese include the Badui, an ethnic group that has in large part preserved the archaic features of its economy and culture.


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With her high education, Suwarsih got exposure to Dutch, which later became the language she felt at home to pen her first novel with after the original version written in Sundanese was rejected by Balai Pustaka (Budianta, 2007).
43) with significant concentrations of Javanese, Chinese, Minangkabau, Batak, Sundanese and Bugis, the contours of interrogations and inquiries into Malayness were varied, and the responses thereof veritably cacophonous.
The main character, a young girl called Kancil, is multilingual but must pretend to be mute to hide her Sundanese accent in a hostile Javanese village.
He begins with a description of the first large-scale North American encounter with the cultures of Java through the Sundanese gamelan music performed at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, then explores episodes in the lives of each individual that were most affected by images of Java and their significance for their self-fashioning, including the difference between their actual experiences and their representations.
This is compatible with Pigafetta's account if Giava is Madura and the other races are the Javanese and Sundanese, who speak languages different to Madurese.
Legends of the turf including Lester Piggott and Willie Carson would grace the winner's circle at Nad Al Sheba which would in turn pave the way for more international riders to compete before a fascinated audience comprising Emiratis, Sundanese fans, Europeans and other nationalities.
The league this season will be joined by six new teams -- Tadamoon FC, EIS Pear Community, Sundanese Community, Doha Team, Lebanese Community and Latin United.
Some times also SAF said the bombing occurred inside the Sundanese territory.
by the Sundanese woman, identified only as ALJ, and her children aged 18, 16 and 12.
She has qualifications in music, education, Indonesian and ethnomusicology, and studied Javanese and Sundanese gamelan while resident in Singapore for 20 years.
The humour is built around Agus's trip from Lani's boarding house to a number of shops where the shopkeepers frequently mispronounce the word "durex" (the condom brand) with "durek" (as Sundanese does not recognise the sound "x"), forcing Agus to repeat the brand name loudly to make sure that both he and the shopkeepers are referring to the same item.