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a Sunday newspaper in Great Britain; founded in 1791. It is published in London by the Observer Limited. The Observer is a moderately liberal newspaper intended mainly for readers from the bourgeois intelligentsia. Circulation, 730,000 (1976). [18–681–1; updated]

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The Opinium poll for the Sunday Observer newspaper indicated voters favor staying in the 28-member bloc by 2 points, 44 percent to 42 percent, with 13 percent still undecided, while an ORB poll for the Independent gave Brexit a 55 percent to 45 percent lead, its biggest of the campaign.
Mehta was a distinguished Editor who successfully launched a number of successful publications such as the Sunday Observer, Indian Post, The Independent, The Pioneer (Delhi edition) and, finally, Outlook.
I recall a number of his articles in the Sunday Observer, but no-one wanted to listen.
He is also a founder and editor of several magazines published in India such as The Sunday Observer, the Delhi edition of Pioneer.
I was fortunate enough to do that tour for the Sunday Observer .
The second of Asha's three children, Varsha, had worked as a columnist for The Sunday Observer and Rediff.
Just before the move I had posted - from Michaelchurch Eskley via the postman, but giving the prospective new Abernant address - an entry for an essay competition being run by the Sunday Observer.
The Sunday Observer wrote, "This one is so clean and fresh you want to go down your knees and sob with relief.
Sri Lankan media are pinning their colours clearly one way or another, with the Sunday Observer headlining a January 17 article about Fonseka as "The Traitor".
According to a report at the website of the Sri Lankan newspaper Sunday Observer, Rajapaksa is visiting Myanmar to mark the completion of 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two nations.
At 74, Philip French has seen an awful lot of films in his 30-year stint as chief film critic for the Sunday Observer.
And the security service raised no objections when Orwell was vetted for a wartime job at Allied Forces Headquarters as correspondent for the Sunday Observer.