Sunflower Oil

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sunflower oil

[′sən‚flau̇·ər ‚ȯil]
A combustible, pale-yellow, semidrying oil with a pleasant scent, expressed from the seeds of the common sunflower; soluble in alcohol, ether, and carbon disulfide; consists mostly of mixed triglycerides of fatty acids; used for resins, soaps, edible oils, and margarines.

Sunflower Oil


a vegetable oil obtained from sunflower seeds. Crude sunflower oil has a pleasant flavor. Its density at 10°C is 920–927 kg per cu m; its solidification point is –16° to –19°C; its kinematic viscosity at 20°C is 60.6 10–6 sq m per sec.

The fatty-acid composition by percentage of sunflower oil is stearic, 1.6–4.6; palmitic, 3.5-6.4; myristic, less than 0.1; ara-chidic, 0.7-0.9; oleic, 24–40; linoleic, 46-62; and linolenic, less than 1. The average molecular weight of the fatty acids is 275–286. The content of phosphatides, tocopherols, and waxes depends on the method used to extract and process the oil and varies widely. The iodine value is 119–136, and the hydroxyl value is 2–10.6.

Sunflower oil is one of the most important vegetable oils and is very important for the national economy. It is primarily used directly as food. Margarine and cooking fats are also made from it by hydrogenation. It is used in canning and in soaps and paints. Sunflower oil is included in various ointments, for example, volatile ointment.

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Black Sea Sunflower Oil Financially Settled (Platts) futures will be financially settled based on the 'Sunflower Oil FOB Black Sea Ukraine' price assessment published by S&P Global Platts each business day.
'Due to shortage of sunflower crop, the sunflower oil had to be imported to meet the local requirement,' he said, adding that the import burdened the country's dwindling foreign exchange reserves.
An owner reportedly said the franchiser "supplies 15 liters of sunflower oil at 67,100 won, which is higher than the market price of sunflower oil." The restaurant owner was also quoted as saying BHC has frozen the price since 2013, even though global sunflower oil prices have declined during the same period.
A battery of different tests conducted on rat livers found that sunflower oil induced fibrosis, gene suppression and high levels of oxidation.
As shown in the tables, coconut oil is composed mostly of lauric acid and jatropha curcas oil is composed mainly of oleic and linoleic acids, whereas sunflower oil is composed mainly of linoleic acid.
INGREDIENTS 180g soft dates, stoned 360ml runny honey 250g rolled oats 60g pecans, roughly chopped 60g dried apricots, roughly chopped 30g sunflower seeds 120g unsweetened desiccated coconut 2tbsp chia seeds Vegetable or sunflower oil, for greasing the tins METHOD 1.
2.0%) of additive soybean oil, sunflower oil, and fish oil with uniform vaccination programs and feed ingredients and nutrient treatments in the trials.
Sunflower oil, he said, '[had] a pleasant flavor' and contained linoleic acid (also known as Omega-6 fatty acid essential for a healthy diet) and vitamins.
The crispy baked treats are gluten-free and will be available in three limited ingredient flavors: Peas & Chicken (peas, brown rice and seasoned with dehydrated chicken and sunflower oil], Peas & Beef (peas, brown rice and seasoned with dehydrated beef and sunflower oil] and Peas & Cheese (peas, brown rice and seasoned with Himalayan yak cheese and sunflower oil).
Buyers in China opted for soybean and sunflower oil, with soybean imports rising by about 3.4 million tons to 38.56 million tons, while sunflower oil imports surged 23 percent to 470,000 tons.