Sunflower Oil

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sunflower oil

[′sən‚flau̇·ər ‚ȯil]
A combustible, pale-yellow, semidrying oil with a pleasant scent, expressed from the seeds of the common sunflower; soluble in alcohol, ether, and carbon disulfide; consists mostly of mixed triglycerides of fatty acids; used for resins, soaps, edible oils, and margarines.

Sunflower Oil


a vegetable oil obtained from sunflower seeds. Crude sunflower oil has a pleasant flavor. Its density at 10°C is 920–927 kg per cu m; its solidification point is –16° to –19°C; its kinematic viscosity at 20°C is 60.6 10–6 sq m per sec.

The fatty-acid composition by percentage of sunflower oil is stearic, 1.6–4.6; palmitic, 3.5-6.4; myristic, less than 0.1; ara-chidic, 0.7-0.9; oleic, 24–40; linoleic, 46-62; and linolenic, less than 1. The average molecular weight of the fatty acids is 275–286. The content of phosphatides, tocopherols, and waxes depends on the method used to extract and process the oil and varies widely. The iodine value is 119–136, and the hydroxyl value is 2–10.6.

Sunflower oil is one of the most important vegetable oils and is very important for the national economy. It is primarily used directly as food. Margarine and cooking fats are also made from it by hydrogenation. It is used in canning and in soaps and paints. Sunflower oil is included in various ointments, for example, volatile ointment.

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Even with processing, the hydrogenated sunflower oil in the series has only 1/3 the saturates of animal fat and 1/6 the saturate level of coconut oil.
The objective of this study was designed to investigate and determine the possible effects of different levels of dietary fish oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil additives on the immunity and productivity characteristics of Ross 308 broiler chicken.
NHS advice is to replace "foods high in saturated fat with lower-fat versions" and warns against frying food in butter or lard, recommending instead corn oil, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil.
The company produces two brands of refined sunflower oil - the Leto (Summer) and Hozyaushka (Hostess), Novosti-Kazakhstan reports.
Naturralle Refined Sunflower oil is clear, lite and low absorbing with the goodness of nature.
The anti-trust watchdog inspected the competitive environment in the production and trade in sunflower groats and sunflower oil, according to a media statement of KZK.
According to USDA from 2005 to 2007 Global production of sunflower oil was 10 million metric tons, being overtaken only by palm, soybean and canola [4].
London, Jan 25 ( ANI ): Eating fried food may not harm your heart, if it is cooked using olive or sunflower oil, experts say.
3x y/y surge in bulk sunflower oil sale volumes, beating our projection of US$ 1.
IF you're growing your own salad vegetables, trymaking this refreshing summer salad: SERVES 6 Ingredients: 50g/2oz sunflower seeds 5ml/1tsp sunflower oil 2 heads of little gem lettuce, washed 50g/2oz watercress half a cucumber, washed 250g cooked beetroot 12 radishes, trimmed 4 spring onions trimmed Dressing: juice of 1/2 lemon 60ml/4tbsp sunflower oil 15ml/1tbsp wholegrain mustard 5ml/1tsp clear honey salt and freshly ground black pepper Method:.