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inflammation of the skin caused by actinic rays from the sun or artificial sources. Moderate exposure to ultraviolet radiation is followed by a red blush, but severe exposure may result in blisters, pain, and constitutional symptoms.
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Awning or window treatment that effectively blocks the sun’s heat.
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This, ultimately, is a major setback for consumer protection from skin cancer, as it will clearly discourage the liberal use of sunscreen lotions and sprays as a first and crucial defense from those harmful rays."
Sea & Summit , ( Sea & Summit Ultra Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion , $18.99
On the protection level in particular, the campaign emphasises the importance of applying a high factor SPF sunscreen lotion every two hours when out in the sun (more regularly if swimming), as well as wearing hats, sunglasses and seeking shade during the hottest part of the day.
Remember though that these useful products do note replace the need for an appropriate sunscreen lotion or cream.
California Baby SPF 30 sunscreen lotion is fragrance- and PABA-free, and water-resistant, for babies and others with sensitive skin.
"The HandsFree applicator tube sets our customers apart from the competition by allowing a high-quality sunscreen lotion or gel to be applied directly to the skin," she explains, adding that the package is also ideal for sunless tanning.
They say compounds extracted from them may even be added to sunscreen lotion in future.
TRY: Bobbi Brown Beach Sunscreen Body Spray SPF15, pounds 17 (26 Euros); Lavera Sun Anti-Age Sun Screen SPF20, pounds 6.95 (01557 870 567/; Kiehl's Face & Body Sunscreen Lotion in SPF20, 30 or 50, pounds 17.50 (0207 240 2411); Piz Buin 1 Day Long Lotion SPF10, 15 or 30, from pounds 11.49 (Boots nationwide)
* Avoid overexposure to the sun; use plenty of sunscreen lotion.
Further, a fair amount of the sunscreen lotion penetrates the skin causing absorption of the synthetic chemicals.
They are Night Recover a night serum containing vitamin C derivative APPS, Rice & Konjac Massage Mask, a wash-off mask, UV Cut Milk, a sunscreen lotion, and a plant-dyed cotton/silk muffler (scarf).
IF you have sensitive skin, try Dr Hauschka Sunscreen Lotion SPF15 (pounds 10, 100ml), which is free from artificial fragrances and preservatives.