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The Superbase star opted for comfortable Gucci slides rather than her trademark spiky heels as she jetted off to a mystery destination.
The last chapter addresses heterogeneous catalysts for biodiesel production, synthesizing mesoporous silica nanosphere catalysts by LinAEs group through simultaneous derivatization with acid-containing aryl radicals and superbase on the surface of mesoporous silica.
ALL-IN-ONE FLAWLESS INSTA-SKIN When Clinique called their new superbase Beyond Perfecting, they weren't kidding.
Fox also announced that Edinburgh's three main barracks, Craigiehall, Redford and Dreghorn, will be closed - with personnel and roles transferred to a new superbase at Kirknewton, south-west of the capital.
LONGTIME supplier and oil field support company Baker Hughes recently launched its $35 million superbase facility in Dhahran.
GPS Egypt is a branch for Superbase Developers plc, a leading software company based in Cambridge, UK, offering services like GPS navigation software and hardware and GPS-based active and passive tracking for goods transportation.
WEST Midland universities are joining forces to lobby Defence Secretary John Reid to bring a training superbase to RAF Cosford.
Each "superbase" is powered by stationary fuel cells, maintaining autonomy from the commercial power grid.
One member of the borough's planning committee suggested there were better- looking factories in the town than the prestigious new superbase for Nuneaton's police, courts and probation service which will be housed behind 10ft walls.
The idea of a superbase for business data is certainly a workable approach to the problem, and perhaps the only practical way to address the situation today.