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A company founded in 1979 by Gene Amdahl to commercialize wafer scale integration and build supercomputers. It raised a quarter of a billion dollars, the largest startup funding in history, but could not create its 2.5" superchip. In 1984, it abandoned supercomputer development and later the superchip project. In 1985, Trilogy acquired Elxsi Corporation, a manufacturer of VAX-compatible systems, and eventually merged itself into Elxsi.

The Trilogy Superchip
The 2.5" square superchip was never completed, because it was far ahead of its time. Although chips from several semiconductor manufacturers have subsequently increased in size, there is no single chip as large as the Trilogy Superchip. (Image courtesy of Elxsi Corporation.)
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Bryant did not detail how InfiniBand technology will be used alongside the superchip. However, the product could fit right into Intel's existing range of supercomputing offerings, which include Xeon server CPUs and the MIC (many-integrates cores) co-processor, which mixes standard x86 cores with specialized cores to boost HPC tasks.
"We can work with the dirtiest DNA in the world." The superchip technology also makes it possible to determine significant data from only partial sequences.
Zimmerman foresees the technology developed in the SuperChip program as having a lasting-effect.
OWNERS of Audi TT RS models seeking extra pace can benefit from the latest ECU remap from performance electronics experts Superchips.
Customers use Superchips' bluefin "plug and go" handset and follow the on-screen instructions.
IF you want to reduce your consumption and give your motor some more grunt, see the boys at Superchips.
The firm has since moved into the modification of motorcycles and trucks and has become the region's dealer in the North East for "superchips", which are designed to improve the power and torque of vehicles.
.PERFORMANCE electronics specialist Superchips has come up with a programme to boost power in the 1.6-litre R56 Mini Cooper from 175bhp to 195bhp.
Experts Superchips launched a chip for the BMW 3-series 320d diesel that lifts power from 175bhp up to 220bhp and gives a similar rise in torque.
I tried Superchips' Mini One in both standard and "chipped" form and can vouch for the extra power and torque the simple-to-use hand-set provides.
If so, check out Superchips on stand MP105 at MPH 05 at the NEC this weekend.
SUPERCHIPS, the firm that reprograms engine management systems to produce more power, has just upped the Volkswagen Touareg's performance in the mighty 5.0 litre diesel from 230bhp to 256bhp at just under 3,500 rpm.