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Studies in yeast reveal a necessity of either Top I or Top II in elongation, acting as replication "swivels" to relax positive supercoiling and resolve precatenanes, respectively [9, 207-209].
Topoisomerases are essential nuclear enzymes that are involved in DNA supercoiling regulation and play key roles in chromosome condensation, RNA transcription, DNA replication and segregation during mitosis, and attachment of DNA loops to the chromosomal scaffold and nuclear matrix [19].
However, template must be amplifiable and factors that damage DNA or that make DNA less accessible, like plasmid supercoiling (23), are likely to also lead to molecular dropout.
Supercoiling facilitates the assembly of active chromatin.
Topoisomerase 2 stops the DNA from supercoiling by forming double-stranded breaks.
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The term of DNA coagulated effects (DC) means that the function of DNA gyrase was stopped from fulfilling its main core in supercoiling the DNA during replication.
The list of IHF-binding targets supports its dual role model, i.e., an architectural role for DNA supercoiling and DNA duplex destabilization and a regulatory role of genome functions controlling processes such as DNA replication, recombination, and the expression of a number of genes.