Franz Von Suppe

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Suppe, Franz Von


(pseudonym of Francesco Ezechiele Ermenegildo Suppé Demelli). Born Apr. 18, 1819, in Spalato (now Split), Dalmatia; died May 21, 1895, in Vienna. Austrian composer and conductor. Belgian by birth.

Suppé moved to Vienna in 1835, where he graduated from the conservatory. He composed 31 operettas, which brought him fame as one of the outstanding representatives of the Viennese classical operetta. At the same time he followed the traditions of Italian operatic art and the French classical operetta as represented by the works of J. Offenbach, and he drew extensively upon Viennese urban folklore. His best works, Ganymede and Galatea (1865), Fatinitza (1876), Boccaccio (1879), and Donna Juanita (1880), are distinguished by the vitality and dynamism of the musical speech, bright coloring of the orchestral writing, gentle humor, and fine lyricism. Several of his compositions have plots of a pointed social character (during the Revolution of 1848 he wrote songs for the insurrectionists). One of Suppe’s best operettas, Donna Juanita, is devoted to the people’s struggle for liberation.


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During the second part of the concert, in keeping with the tradition of open-air concerts, the two soloists will take the audience on an extraordinary musical journey from Tchaikovsky and Glinka to Bizet, Lehar and von Suppe.
The repertoire combined music by popular Italian composers Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, Pietro Mascagni, Gioachini Rossini and Ottorino Respighi, along with Austrian composers Franz von Suppe, Franz Lehar, Johann Strauss I and Johann Strauss II.
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Martin concludes by lamenting the loss of opera from band programs, the emphasis on often inaccessible "new" music in the academy, and amateur bands wallowing in the dated popular music of Sousa and Suppe.
Any student conductor these days can thrash out a passable Mahler symphony, but finding the sort of dapper, carefree sparkle that Thomas Beecham used to bring to Suppe overtures, or pieces like Ponchielli's Dance Of The Hours, is a lot harder.
Donnant le ton de l'universalite, l'Osn est ensuite entre en scene, interpretant [beaucoup moins que] Le poete et le paysan [beaucoup plus grand que] du compositeur autrichien Franz Von Suppe et la piece, bande originale du film [beaucoup moins que] Pirates des Caraibes [beaucoup plus grand que] de l'Allemand Klaus Badelt, avant d'enchainer des pieces dans les genres kabyle, tergui, mouzabite et chaoui, en presence du secretaire general du Hca, Si El Hachemi Assad.
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The SCB is floored by a ~300 km wide region of extensively faulted and extended continental crust comprising Mesozoic metamorphic and intrusive igneous rock as well as Neogene sedimentary and volcanic units (Crouch and Suppe 1993).
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