Supply air

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Supply air

The total quantity of air supplied to a building or part of a building for thermal conditioning and ventilation. Typically, supply air consists of a mixture of return air and outdoor air that is appropriately filtered and conditioned.
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supply air

In an air-conditioning system, the air which is delivered to the conditioned space or spaces.
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The supply airflow rate, supply air temperature, number and locations of supply diffusers can affect the location of the stratified layer which in turn can affect the thermal comfort of occupants.
However, the warranties on your servers may not allow you to increase the supply air temperature, or you may have service level agreements that require specific conditions.
Since the air is supplied at relatively low velocities (25 to 35 fpm, 0.13 to 0.18 m/s) and only through a part of the ceiling, the unidirectional flow can be maintained mostly in the core of the air jet; whereas, in the other regions of the room recirculating airflow patterns are formed, including at the periphery of the supply air jet (Khankari 2017a, Khankari 2017b).
The objective of this study was to identify the correlation between the minimum airflow and supply air temperature that would maintain satisfactory thermal comfort in the occupied zone when introducing warm air into the room.
As the supply air is pushed by the blower across the heat exchanger tubes, the heat transfers away from the heat exchanger to the passing air, following the second law of thermodynamics.
[9] evaluated a comparison between ventilation and recirculation procedure modes; critical values were achieved for cycle component performance specifics required to yield a given supply air temperature condition.
The pattern of air velocity vectors in the areas of the supply air was analyzed.
The tracer gas was distributed throughout the building with the supply air, then returned to the air handler where some was discharged from the building with the relief air (or equivalently, exfiltrated through the envelope of the building), and some recirculated into the supply air and mixed with newlyinjected tracer gas.
Chilled beams are ceiling-mounted diffusers that use building supply air to induce room air to pass through an integral water coil.
"Dark Roast" makes dark roasts possible through controlled supply air input.
The Aircraft Carrier Alliance has chosen Darchem Engineering to supply air intake and exhaust systems for the 65,000t carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, which are expected to enter service in 2014 and 2016.
The CNA Series locking cylinder comes in five bore sizes (40 mm to 100 mm) and uses an integral, compact lock unit that is unaffected by the quality of the supply air. In addition, a manual override lock release is available as a standard feature.

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