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Lebanon: see TyreTyre
, ancient city of Phoenicia, S of Sidon. It is the present-day Sur in Lebanon, a small town on a peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean from the mainland of Syria S of Beirut.
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a dynasty of rulers of North India in the 16th century founded by a feudal lord of the Afghan Sur tribe, Farid (later Sher Shah). Sher Shah drove the Great Mogul Humayun from India and conquered territory extending from the Indus River to Bengal. After the death of Sher Shah’s successor, Islam Shah (1554), discord arose among the Afghan feudal lords who supported Sur claimants to the throne in Delhi. Humayun took advantage of this discord to rout the army of one of Sher Shah’s successors and to end the rule of the Sur shahs (1556).


On drawings, abbr. for “surface.”