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an urban-type settlement in the Azerbaijan SSR, under the jurisdiction of the Ordzhonikidze district soviet of the city of Baku. Situated on the Apsheron Peninsula, 18 km northeast of Baku. Population, 15,300(1974).

Surakhany has a Baku dry-transformer plant and a Baku combine producing household chemicals and construction materials. It also has factories that manufacture accumulators and asphalt concrete. Petroleum is extracted near Surakhany.

Surakhany is a balneological sea resort and one of the Apsheron Peninsula resorts. Treatment is provided by baths with mineral water having the chemical composition

Musculoskeletal diseases are treated at the resort, as well as nervous, gynecologic, and skin disorders. The resort has a sanatorium, as well as two medical facilities for sulfur treatment.

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The oil and gas of the Apsheron peninsula, on the southern side of which lies Baku, was sufficiently well known for a Zoroastrian fire temple to be built at least 2,500 years ago over a gas seepage at Surakhany to the north that was still being tended by visiting Zoroastrian priests from India in 1880.