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(sür) or


(zou`ər), principal river of Luxembourg, c.100 mi (160 km) long, rising in the Ardennes, SE Belgium. It flows east through Luxembourg, then south (forming part of the Luxembourg-German border) to join with the Moselle (Mosel) River. With its tributaries, the Our, the Clerf, and the Alzette (which passes through the city of Luxembourg), the Sûre drains all of Luxembourg.
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"If you behave, and don't scare the little pigs, I'm sure they'll grow very fond of you."
"There's going to be trouble, I'm sure," remarked the horse.
I have one cutlet for dinner, and I am sure it will be spoilt.
Or has his sure enough brilliance plumb dazzled you-all?"
But I am sure almighty curious, and I'd like terrible to know, Mr.
And now, if it ain't botherin' you too much, I'd sure be obliged if you'd show me the way out."
"I'd sure have to," he answered, and she saw his mouth set grimly.
Wherefore, he begins by requesting the officer to be quite sure that this witness kisses the book, then goes to work at him, tooth and nail.
'Pray sir, where did you dine yesterday?'--'Where did I dine yesterday?'--'Aye, sir, where did you dine yesterday--was it near here, sir?'--'Oh to be sure--yes--just over the way.'--'To be sure. Yes.
Not that James has ever told me so, but I am sure he is very uncomfortable."
"To be sure it is; and, indeed, it strikes me that they can want no addition at all.
"You see," she said, "you do not give him a fair chance; he cannot use all his power with his head held back as it is with that check-rein; if you would take it off I am sure he would do better -- do try it," she said persuasively, "I should be very glad if you would."