Surface tablet

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Surface tablet

Microsoft's first tablet computer, introduced at the end of 2012. The Surface originally came in two forms: ARM-based tablets that ran Windows RT and x86-based tablets that ran Windows 8 (see below). All RT tablets were subsequently eliminated (see Windows RT). Starting in 2015, Microsoft introduced additional Surface-branded products (see Surface versions).

Not the First Hardware for Microsoft
Although known for software, Microsoft has also been successful with mice, keyboards and the Xbox game console. However, for more than 30 years, Microsoft depended on third-party PC vendors for Windows hardware until it introduced the Surface line. See also PixelSense.

An Early Surface Tablet
The optional screen cover/keyboard turns the Surface into a lightweight laptop computer. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Corporation.)

SURFACE COMPUTERS                  Runs   Max     All Win      SSD/RAM   WinCurrent          OS  CPU   (GB)    Apps12" Screen
 Surface Pro 4   10   x86  1024/16  Yes

 Old Models (10" Screen)
 Surface RT       RT  ARM    64/2   No
 Surface 2        RT  ARM    64/2   No
 Surface 2 (LTE)  RT  ARM    64/2   No
 Surface 3 (LTE) 8.1  x86   128/4   Yes

 Surface Pro      8   x86   256/4   Yes
 Surface Pro 2    8   x86   512/8   Yes
 Surface Pro 3   8.1  x86   512/8   Yes
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Sales of the second generation of Surface tablets jumped to $893 million in the key holiday shopping quarter, more than the whole of the previous fiscal year.
We have only two models available but our partners have multiple form factors and we are not competing with them - Surface is launched just to create a differentiator with the power of the operating system," Abu-Ltaif said, adding that the Surface tablet represented Microsoft's attempt to showcase the power of Windows 8.
Last month, Microsoft knocked $100 off the price of high-end versions of its Surface tablet, which is competing against Apple's iPad and other devices that use Google's Android system.
These are all questions that Microsoft failed to answer properly, and they're the same kinds of questions that came about when the Surface tablet was launched.
Anecdotal reports suggest considerable consumer interest in Microsoft's Surface tablet, according to a published report that also notes the tablet is on a three-week back order.
Apple CEO Tim Cook has already taken a swipe at Microsoft's Windows 8-based Surface tablet.
Sinofsky and his team showed off a range of devices running Windows 8 from PC makers such as Lenovo and Acer, but devoted most of their energy to the second half of the presentation and the Surface tablet, the first computer Microsoft has made itself.
The new Surface tablet computer by Microsoft is displayed at its unveiling in Los Angeles, California.
6" panels, especially for Microsoft's Surface tablet, are also seeing a strong ramp up in the second half of 201.
6-inch LCD panels, especially for Surface tablet PC from Microsoft, to surge in the second half of 2012.
Microsoft is set to release its Surface tablet in late October.
If true, the tech giants will face still competition, especially in the US, with Google beginning to ship the Nexus 7, Amazon's Kindle Fire already on the market and Microsoft recently announcing the imminent release of its Surface tablet.