Surface versions

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Surface versions

Microsoft offers a variety of computers under the Surface brand. Following is a comparison from lightest to heaviest.

Tablets - Win10 and Win10 S
The Go is entry level, while the Pro is a premium product with several options. See Surface tablet.

Laptop - Win10 S and Win10 Home
Geared to education (a Chromebook challenger). See Surface Laptop.

Hybrid - Win10 Pro
Both tablet and laptop. See Surface Book.

Studio Desktop - Win10 Pro
All-in-one computer. See Surface Studio.

 Model Size  Weight  RAM(resolution)  lbs     GB    StorageGo Tab 10"    1.2   4-8    64-128GB SSD

 Pro Tab 12"   1.7   4-16  128GB-1TB SSD

 Laptop 13.5"  2.8   4-16  128-512GB SSD

 Book 13.5"    3.3   8-16  128-1TB SSD

 Book 15"      4.2   8-16  128-1TB SSD

 Studio 28"   21.0   8-32   1-2TB SSD/HD
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