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volcanic island, c.1.25 sq mi (3.2 sq km), S of Iceland in VestmannaeyjarVestmannaeyjar
, group of 15 small islands, c.10 mi (16 km) S of Iceland. In English they are known as the Westman Islands. The largest and most populous is Heimaey [home island].
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 (Westman Islands). The island was formed by the eruption (Nov., 1963) of Sutur, an underwater volcano named for a giant of Icelandic legend. For four months the fissure, estimated to be c.1,500 ft (460 m) long, emitted explosions of ash, cinders, and pumice in a column rising more than 1,000 ft (305 m). Lava flows beginning in Apr., 1964, formed a shell that helped assure the continuing existence of the island. The eruptions ended in 1967. Scientists were able to study the formation of tornadoes, waterspouts, hail, and lightning—all manifestations of the volcano itself—as well as the first evidence of life on the new island. Surtsey was designated a nature reserve in 1965.
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Surtsey is a flawed main character who makes mistakes at nearly every juncture, yet her deeply felt emotions and perseverance make her a heroine to root for.
Caught up in an affair with her tutor, things take a nasty turn and catapult Surtsey into a nightmarish world when she discovers his dead body on the island.
It looks as if the harbour has been there forever, whereas in fact a large chunk of it is ten years younger than even Surtsey and was added to the island's territory as a direct result of the eruption, when about 300 million cubic yards of lava and 26 million cubic yards of tephra were generously deposited on Heimaey.
Fascinating ports of call; Kirkwall (Orkney), Heimaey (Westmann Islands), Reykjavik, Isafjordur, Akureyri, Seydhisfjordur (all Iceland), Torshavn (Faroe Isles), Lerwick (Shetland) plus circumnavigate Surtsey
1963: A volcanic eruption under the sea off Iceland created the new island of Surtsey. 1965: The Battle of the Ia Drang began in the Vietnam War - the first major engagement between American and North Vietnamese forces.
In addition to the new UNESCO designation, Iceland has two other UNESCO World Heritage Sites -- Thingvellir National Park, site of Iceland's first parliament, and the volcanic island of Surtsey, also known as "The Youngest Place on Earth." To order or immediately download a free travel guide to visiting Iceland, complete with photographs, maps and lists of hotels, restaurants and guide services, log onto:
(2008) Encrustations from three recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland: The 1963-1967 Surtsey, the 1973 Eldfell and the 1991 Hekla eruptions.
The island of Surtsey was formed in the 1960s off the coast of Iceland by volcanic eruption, and within only a few months living organisms had colonized the still warm lava.
(FANCESA), Cal OrckeCOO, Sucre, Departamento Chuquisaca (Bolivia), an extension to the Pirin National Park (Bulgaria), The Joggins Fossil Cliffs (Canada), Mount Sanqingshan National Park (China), Lagoons of New Caledonia: Reef Diversity and Associated Ecosystems (France), Surtsey (Iceland), Bradyseism in Phlegraean Area (Italy), Saryarka eCo Steppe and Lakes of Northern Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan), Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (Mexico), Hovsgol Lake and its Watershed (Mongolia), eC[pounds sterling]The Putorana PlateaueC[yen] Nature Complex (Russian Federation), Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona (Switzerland), Socotra Archipelago (Yemen).
This activity is usually called Surtseyan, named after the eruption that formed the island of Surtsey off the south coast of Iceland.
Environmental scientist Fridriksson was there, and started investigating the colonization of life on Surtsey right at the beginning, and has continued for four decades.
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