Hydrographic Survey

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hydrographic survey

[′hī·drə′graf·ik ′sər‚vā]
Survey of a water area with particular reference to tidal currents, submarine relief, and any adjacent land.

Hydrographic Survey


an organization that ensures the safety of navigation on oceans, seas, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers.

The survey has been organized in all countries of the world that have an ocean or river fleet. The hydrographie survey compiles and publishes specialized and general guides and manuals for navigation (navigational charts, sailing directions, tide tables, hydrometric and bathometric maps and atlases), sets up and maintains navigational aids (lighthouses, signal devices, protective markings in channels and fairways), organizes an information system to warn navigators about changes in navigational conditions and sailing courses, and develops shipboard navigational equipment and provides ships with this equipment.

In the USSR the oceanic hydrographie survey is directed by the Hydrographie Administration of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR (established in 1924). At sea the survey is under the direction of the hydrographie administrations and sections of the fleets and flotillas.

On inland waterways—rivers, lakes, and reservoirs—the hydrographical work of supervising ship navigation is carried out by the basin waterway administrations (Glavvodput’) of the Ministry of the River Fleet of the RSFSR and by corresponding directing bodies in other Union republics.