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see RijekaRijeka
or Fiume
, city (2011 pop. 128,624), W Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea and the Gulf of Quarnero. Croatia's largest seaport, the city's industries include shipbuilding, oil refining, paper milling, and engine building. The city's air port is on nearby Krk island.
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, Croatia.
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Argentinian midfielder Mariano Donda, Senegalese striker Andre Senghor, Brazilian midfielder Kaio Gonsalves and Australian defender Milan Susak, have already departed.
An exaggerated empathy that borders on sympathy is expressed by the proverb "Act as if you were thirsty when you are close by one who is thirsty; act as if you were lame when you are close by one who is lame" (susayanla susak, aksayanla aksak).
Not used: Mundy, Nicholls, Redmayne, Meyer, Susak, Bowles, McCormick, Acton.
The vertical ground reaction forces (GRF) on the body during landing, can be determinants of injury, especially if the jumps are made very often and the GRF are high (Mizrahi and Susak, 1982; McNair et al., 2000).
Also, the village of Susak to the West of Tal Abyadh city came under heavy machine-gun attack by the Turkish army.
COACH Ivo Susak last night wrote off his NK Maribor side's chances of destroying Rangers' Champions League dreams.
Meanwhile, Al Wasl have admitted they want to fill their final foreign player slot with another striker, having already signed Brazilian forward Kaio Felipe Gonsalves and Australian defender Milan Susak and retained Argentinian midfielder Mariano Donda.