Suslov, Sergei

Suslov, Sergei Petrovich


Born Nov. 3 (15), 1893, in the city of Krasnyi Kholm, in what is now Kalinin Oblast; died Oct. 8,1953, in Leningrad. Soviet physical geographer. Doctor of geographic sciences (1941).

Suslov graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical Institute in 1918 and from the Geographic Institute in Leningrad in 1925. In 1931 he began working at Leningrad State University, where he became a professor in 1943. He conducted field research in Transbaikalia (beginning in 1925), in the Altai and Western Saian, and on Taimyr Peninsula. His main work was Physical Geography of the USSR (1947; 2nd ed., 1954), the most complete summary of the physical geography of the Asian part of the country.

Suslov was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and various medals.