Sutter's Mill

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Sutter’s Mill

where James Marshall discovered California gold (1848). [Am. Hist.: NCE, 2662]

Sutter’s Mill

site of first strike precipitating Gold Rush. [Am. Hist. Flexner, 175]
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Other searchers also found fragments from what's now known as the Sutter's Mill (SM) fall, named for the local landmark that triggered the California gold rush that began in 1848.
Before the first nuggets were pulled from the millrace at Sutter's Mill, California was a remote and thinly populated backwater only two years removed from Mexico's sleepy jurisdiction.
After gold was discovered at Sutter's mill, his son August joined him, and was of immense help in clearing up his father's business woes.
Levi's got started in California a few years after the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in 1849.
Bigler--premier chronicler of that event, were major players in the initial discovery of gold in Coloma at John Sutter's Mill on the American River in January 1848.
Deeper Inside the Valley of Kings," for example, details a series of lustful rendezvous that revolve around the bar Sutter's Mill and other locales mentioned often in Wild Animals.
The San Francisco Mint was born out of the need for a Western Frontier Mint when, in January of 1848, gold flakes were discovered at Sutter's Mill triggering one of the most important chapters in U.
It's ironic that this lesson is displayed in San Jose, backdrop to one of the greatest boom-and-bust cycles since gold was found at Sutter's Mill.
But Skinner's center-ring stories are of the many 19th-century gold rushes, the first being, of course, the one that began in 1847 at Sutter's Mill, California, and practically emptied out San Francisco in 1848/1849.
When James Wilson Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Mill (California) in 1848, he not only touched off the greatest gold rush the world had ever seen, but also ignited one of the great writing frenzies in American history.
Bailey discovered gold there and started the Southern California gold rush just 20 years after the Sutter's Mill discovery in Northern California.

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