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a river in the Estonian SSR. The Emajógi is 218 km long and drains an area of 9,960 sq km. The river rises in the lake Pühajärv. For the first 82 km of its course, before it passes through the lake Vortsjärv, it is known as the Väike-Emajógi; below the lake, for the last 101 km of its course, the river is called the Suur-Emajógi. It empties into Lake Chudskoe-Pskov. The Emajógi is fed by various sources, but predominantly by rain. High water occurs between April and mid-June. The mean flow rate is 71.6 cu m per sec. The Emajógi freezes over in December, and the ice breaks up in the second half of March. The river is navigable below Tartu.

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