Suzdal Principality

Suzdal’ Principality


a principality of northeastern Rus’; originally part of Vladimir-Suzdal’ Principality.

Suzdal’ became the center of an autonomous principality in 1217, when it was turned over to Iurii, son of Vsevolod Bol’shoe Gnezdo. In 1218, Iurii, having established himself on the throne of the grand principality, reunified the Suzdal’ Principality with the grand principality of Vladimir. In 1238 the Suzdal’ Principality was made an appanage to Vsevolod’s son Sviatoslav. In the late 1250’s it came under the authority of Prince Andrei Iaroslavich and subsequently was ruled by his descendants, who did not play an independent political role in northeastern Rus’. In the 14th century the Nizhny Novgorod-Gorodets Principality was annexed to the Suzdal’ Principality.