Suzuki, Zenko

Suzuki, Zenko,

1911–2004, Japanese politican. A founder of the ruling Liberal Democratic partyLiberal Democratic party
(LDP), Japanese political party. It began as the conservative Liberal party, which, under Shigeru Yoshida, became the dominant political force in Japan following World War II. In 1955 the Liberals merged with the newly created Democratic party.
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 (1955), he became prime minister on the death of Masayoshi OhiraOhira, Masayoshi,
1910–80, Japanese political leader, prime minister (1978–80) of Japan. After serving in the house of representatives, he became foreign minister (1962–64, 1972–74) and minister of finance (1974–76).
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 (1980). Criticism from within the party and a failure to reinvigorate the economy resulted in his resignation (1982). He was succeeded by Yasuhiro NakasoneNakasone, Yasuhiro
, 1918–2019, Japanese political leader and prime minister (1982–87). He served in the Diet after 1946. A political ally of Kakuei Tanaka and a member of the Liberal Democratic party (LDP), Nakasone succeeded Zenko Suzuki as prime minister.
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