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an urban-type settlement in Briansk Raion, Briansk Oblast, RSFSR. Sven’ has a railroad station 10 km from Briansk. Conveyors are manufactured in the settlement.

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Chief executive Mark Palios is very new,and I don't think Sven knows him particularly well yet.
Sven, 53, and Ulrika, 34, both went to the Premiership match between Chelsea and Manchester United, but sat apart in the Stamford Bridge stadium.
Nancy, 37, dismissed Ulrika, who has a history of failed relationships, as a "poor girl" and insisted she was staying with Sven.
One disgruntled fan fumed: "With his daft tactics and potty lack of strategy, Sven might as well have been wearing a Portugal shirt."
Sven has taken Nancy for a break at his new lakeside home in Sunne, Sweden, where they kissed affectionately and paddled in the water.
When asked to explain his role, Athole Still said he puts Sven in the frame for the best jobs in football - all for just 10 per cent.
Nancy, 44, recently claimed she had not given up on Sven despite dating 54-year-old Italian TV presenter Michele Cucuzza.
LAP OF LUXURY: Sven's home' UNPRETENTIOUS: Sir Alf's house' LAVISH: Inside Sven's Regents Park pad' CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS: Beckingham Palace and (above) Bobby Moore's semi
Sven may now face claims that he abused his professional position during the relationship.
On offer are the roles of Sweden coach, technical advisor to North Korea and the manager's job at Notts County - not the kind of vacancies you'll see in the local Jobcentre but then Sven is not the kind of bloke you'd see there either, unless the bird behind the counter is double fit.
C4's brilliantly funny mockumentary Sven, the Coach, the Cash and His Lovers highlighted the unpalatable fact that the bed-hopping Swede is not in charge of England because everyone at the useless English FA thinks he's great.