Sven Anders Hedin

Hedin, Sven Anders


Born Feb. 19, 1865, in Stockholm; died there Nov. 26, 1952. Swedish traveler.

From 1893 to 1902, Hedin explored Tibet and northwestern Central Asia. In 1905-08, journeying from Trebizond (Trabzon) across northeastern Iran and Kashmir, he reached the sources of the Brahmaputra and Sutlej rivers and discovered the Trans-Himalayas. In 1923 he traveled around the world by way of North America, Japan, Mongolia, and Siberia. Between 1927 and 1935 he studied China, Mongolia, western Tibet, and eastern Turkestan. During the latter part of his life he withdrew from exploratory activities. He collaborated with the Hitlerite authorities of Germany during World War II.


Durch Asiens Wüsten, vols. 1-2. Leipzig, 1899.
Im Herzen von Asien, vols. 1-2. Leipzig, 1903.
Scientific Results of a Journey in Central Asia (1899-1902), vols. 1-6. Stockholm, 1904-07.
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Grand Canyon. Stockholm, 1925.
In Russian translation:
V serdtse Azii, vols. 1-2. St. Petersburg, 1899, 1913.
Tarim-Lob-Nor-Tibet. St. Petersburg, 1904.
Vos’moe chudo sveta (Bol’shoi kan’on). Moscow-Leningrad, 1928.
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