Sven Markelius

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Markelius, Sven


Born Oct. 25, 1889, in Stockholm. Swedish architect.

Between 1910 and 1920, Markelius studied at the Technical High School and the Academy of Arts in Stockholm. His buildings constructed in the 1930’s are the most radical examples of Swedish architectural functionalism (Concert Hall, Halsingborg, 1932; Builders’ Club, Stockholm, 1937). Markelius’ structures of the 1940’s are marked by the search for elements unique to Swedish architecture (the architect’s home, Keving, 1945). Between 1944 and 1954, Markelius was the principal architect of Stockholm. Since the early 1950’s he has directed the development and implementation of a general plan of Stockholm, at the foundation of which are semiautonomous districts that are separated by zones of greenery (construction of the western districts of Vallingby, 1953-66; reconstruction of the city center, 1953-70).


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Also speaking at the event was the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, who said the chamber of ECOSOC itself carries great symbolism.It was designed by my fellow countryman, Sven Markelius, said Jan Eliasson, a Swedish national.
The TCPA regularly sent study tours here; you can still find the old pictures of FJO chatting to Sven Markelius and his successor Goran Sidenbladh.
A thin park separates the east ends of the new blocks from the town, setting off the municipal theatre and concert hall (the latter by Sven Markelius) as urban monuments before you come to the long straggly form of the old town , dense, crouched under the ridge behind, and now much rebuilt and carved into by overscaled traffic engineers' roads.