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a city and the administrative center of Švenčionys Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Švenčionys is located 86 km northeast of Vilnius. Industry is represented by a garment factory, a pharmaceutical factory for the processing of medicinal plants, and a butter factory. The city has a museum of local lore.

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Baliuliai and Persaukstis Kasciukai II barrow cemeteries (both in Svencionys District) are fairly close, the former being about 14.5 kilometres as the crow flies to the south-west of the latter (Fig.
After hearing binst from an elderly informant born in Svintsyan (Svencionys, Lithuania), it was inserted in the questionnaire and it was happily revealed by other informants from other locations over many years (mostly in the 1990s), but it was only when the map was made, that it was revealed that the unknown binst (which apparently arose by analogy with first person [ix] bin), is characteristic for western Lite.
Rainbow trout adults were obtained from the Zeimena Fish Hatchery (Svencionys district, Lithuania) and kept in the holding tanks of about 3000 l capacity supplied with flow-through artesian aerated water.
A whole spearhead was found in the top layer of the Kretuonas 1 site (Svencionys district; Fig.