Svetolik Rankovic

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Ranković, Svetolik


Born Dec. 7, 1863, in Moštanica, near Belgrade; died Mar. 18, 1899, in Belgrade. Serbian writer.

After graduating from a seminary in Belgrade and from the Kiev Theological Academy (1889), Ranković taught theology. He began publishing in 1892. His short stories (Pictures From Life, 1904) and novels (King of the Forest, 1897; Village Schoolmistress, 1899; Wrecked Ideals, published 1900) deal with the life of the Serbian peasantry and intelligentsia in the late 19th century. The theme of the tragic conflict between man and bourgeois reality permeates all his novels. A prominent Serbian realist, Ranković was one of the creators of the Serbian psychological novel. He also translated L. N. Tolstoy and V. G. Koro-lenko.


In Russian translation:
Lesnoi tsar’. Sel’skaia uchilel’nitsa. Razrushennye idealy. Moscow, 1964.


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Since stories by female writers from that period exist and are significant but are not regarded as relevant in the canon, today it might be considered that between the publication of Lazarevic's stories (1879) and the appearance of Svetolik Rankovic's novels (Gorski car (The Mountain King), 1897; Seoska uciteljica (The Village Teacher), 1899; and Poruseni ideali (Shattered Ideals) 1900), not a single writer succeeded in continuing Lazarevic's sharp confrontations with patriarchal norms.
The first Aristophanesian dystopia was introduced into Serbian literature by Svetolik Rankovic (1863-1899)(30) in his story "U XXI veku" ["In the 21st Century"] (1895).(31) In this burlesque satire, just like in Aristophane's Ekklesiazousai, women rule the state.
(30.) Svetolik Rankovic was one of the founders of Serbian psychological novel.