Sviatopolk Iziaslavich

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Sviatopolk Iziaslavich


Born 1050; died 1113. Prince of Polotsk (1069–70), Novgorod (1078–88), and Turov (1088–93) and grand prince of Kiev (1093–1113). Son of Grand Prince Iziaslav Iaroslavich.

Sviatopolk Iziaslavich attended the Liubech Assembly of 1097, after which he and Davyd Igorevich, prince of Vladimir-Volyn, captured Vasil’ko Rostislavich, prince of Terebovlia. Sviatopolk gave Davyd permission to blind the captive. In 1098, Sviatopolk was pressed by Vladimir Monomakh and other princes into waging war on Davyd and drove him from Vladimir-Volynskii. However, he was defeated while attempting to seize lands from Volodar’ Rostislavich and Vasil’ko Rostislavich.

Sviatopolk attended the Assembly of Vitichev of 1100 and the assemblies at the Zolotcha River in 1101 and at Lake Do-lobskoe in 1103. In 1103, 1107, and 1111, Sviatopolk, Vladimir Monomakh, and other princes led successful campaigns against the Polovtsy. Sviatopolk’s administrators speculated in salt, which caused popular discontent (seeKIEV REBELLION OF 1113).


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