Sviatopolk Okaiannyi

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Sviatopolk Okaiannyi


(Sviatopolk the Accursed). Born circa 980; died 1019. Prince of Turov (988–1015) and Grand Prince of Kiev (1015–19). Son of Vladimir Sviatoslavich.

With the help of his father-in-law, the Polish king Bolesław the Brave, Sviatopolk plotted to kill his own father. After his father’s death, he became grand prince, killing his brothers Boris, Gleb, and Sviatoslav. These murders earned him the name “the Accursed.” Sviatopolk’s brother Iaroslav the Wise, Prince of Novgorod, came out against Sviatopolk and defeated him in a battle near Liubech in 1016, whereupon Sviatopolk fled to Poland. Returning in 1018 with Polish forces, Sviatopolk defeated Iaroslav on the Bug River and drove him from Kiev. Popular dissatisfaction with foreign rule forced the Polish troops to leave Rus’. In 1019, Iaroslav once again rose against Sviatopolk, who was forced to flee to the Pechenegs. Sviatopolk was defeated in a battle on the Al’ta River and fled to Poland and thence to Bohemia. He perished during his flight.


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