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a central publishing house of the State Committee on Publishing, Printing, and the Book Trade of the USSR Council of Ministers. It is located in Moscow.

Sviaz’ was founded in 1918, when an editing and publishing department was established under the People’s Commissariat of Post and Telegraph. In 1922 this department became a publishing house, which in 1932 was made part of Sviaz’tekhizdat, a new publishing house for communications technology. In 1938, Sviaz’tekhizdat was merged with Radioizdat; this joint publishing house was called Sviaz’izdat and, beginning in 1964, Sviaz’.

Sviaz’ publishes works on scientific theory and industrial engineering. It also prints textbooks and reference works on electrical communications, radio broadcasting and radio servicing, television, wired broadcasting, technical problems of electrical communications, and the use and repair of radios, television sets, and tape recorders. Other textbooks and reference works published by Sviaz’ deal with postal communications, philately, communications economics, and the distribution of printed materials.

In 1974, Sviaz’ published 253 books and pamphlets in editions totaling 5,488,000 copies and 76 million printer’s sheets. Sviaz’ also publishes the journals Vestnik sviazi (Communications Journal), Elektrosviaz’ (Electrical Communications), Rasprostranenie pechati (Distribution of Printed Materials), and Radiotekhnika (Radio Engineering).


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