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an enterprise of the Czechoslovak leather and footwear industry, producing leather and footwear of all types. Located in the city of Gottwaldov (formerly Zlin), the enterprise was founded in 1894 as the Bata Association and originally produced felt slippers. Its workers took an active part in the revolutionary struggle. Nationalized in 1945, the enterprise was named Svit in 1949.

In 1974 the footwear output totaled 43 million pairs. Svit is the leading enterprise of the Czechoslovak footwear industry and the leading producer of footwear in Europe. Products are exported to more than 90 countries. The enterprise has a museum of the history of footwear.

Svit has been awarded the Order of Labor (1955), the Order of the Republic (1969), and the Order of Victorious February (1973).

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Svit molodi also worked as an essential tool for inter-branch communication and building the movement, much in the same way the adult papers functioned.
Svit molodi represented a further and significant attempt at autonomy from the CVC on the part of the ULFTA.
The UWCS, cultural activities, and even Svit Molodi were no match for North American popular culture, the public school system, and the youngsters' multi-ethnic neighbourhoods where the common language of communication among Jewish, German, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, and other working-class young people was English.
Svit is already a leading product in Europe and has been specifically designed to care for dry clean only and hand wash garments in the comfort of your own home.
Fresh stains can easily be dabbed away with the Svit 2-in-1cloth and with the extra stain remover spray it's even quicker.
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comprehensive School #17 Village Novyi Svit, Kramatorsk, 12 Hrudniya Street.