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Tapering a rod or tube or reducing its diameter by any of several methods, such as forging, squeezing, or hammering. Also known as cressing.
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a forging process that reduces the cross-sectional area and increases the length of a billet by the plastic deformation that results from the application of a radial, compressive force. Rods and thick-walled tubing are swaged in rotational swaging machines to yield reduced rods, wire, and shaped conical articles, as well as graduated solid and hollow shafts. Thin-walled, hollow billets are swaged in the hollow part of a die; for example, the necks of cartridge cases are shaped in this way. The tools used in swaging are called swages.

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As the S-Press is built to do double duty as a swaging press, it's built hell-for-stout to accommodate the heavy force that is required for that usage.
The upper pivot point provides a shorter ram stroke and immense leverage for cold forming projectiles using swaging dies.
Of course the most interesting accessories for the Corbin press are the bullet swaging dies it is designed to accept.
They can be a couple of grains over, as the excess will bleed out during the swaging process.
Another type of swaging is reducing a bullet's diameter to something that you can use.
cast bullets work fine in the 7.35 by swaging to .300.
shotgun pictured here was approximately 3/32" making swaging slow and difficult.
The best approach has been for our customers to provide the ammunition of preference, and pattern-fire the gun with a temporary taped-on front sight after each slight swaging. When the desired pattern is reached, stop swaging, re-crown the muzzle slightly and reinstall a front sight of proper height.
If the buffer body has been mistakenly staked or swaged already, it's OK to keep using the buffer as long as the staking or swaging doesn't interfere with the M2's functioning.