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Tapering a rod or tube or reducing its diameter by any of several methods, such as forging, squeezing, or hammering. Also known as cressing.



a forging process that reduces the cross-sectional area and increases the length of a billet by the plastic deformation that results from the application of a radial, compressive force. Rods and thick-walled tubing are swaged in rotational swaging machines to yield reduced rods, wire, and shaped conical articles, as well as graduated solid and hollow shafts. Thin-walled, hollow billets are swaged in the hollow part of a die; for example, the necks of cartridge cases are shaped in this way. The tools used in swaging are called swages.

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Swaging also enables manufacturers to achieve desired process temperatures more quickly and allows the resistance wires to operate at lower temperatures, thereby reducing energy costs and increasing heater life.
Finn-Power's computerized, digital VS control can store as many as 200 swaging parameters and die set configurations for immediate recall.
Corbin has offered several different hand presses for use with his swaging equipment, but he recently brought to the market a very nicely made press suitable both for conventional reloading as well as for swaging.
Swaging involves the manipulation and reduction of metal tubes and bars from one diameter to another.
Make sure the new cover stays with the cable by connecting it with wire rope, NSN 1640-01-308-5097, and a swaging sleeve, NSN 4030-00-431-5536.
This 360-degree swaging of the upper section provides the fastening point for the rivet nut.
The swaging process takes place in a custom S&S Carbide tungsten-carbide die for each caliber.
The air-actuated hydraulic swaging unit is designed to reduce makeup torque and installation time.
This catalog for hose manufacturers highlights the use of the company's mandrel lubricants, antistick coatings, cured tape coatings and swaging lubricants.
Then came B-Square's heavy roller type swaging tool with which our shop has re-choked numerous single barrel shotguns.
The Forming volume offers in-depth discussions of more than 50 different forming processes such as blanking, spinning, shearing, punching, extruding, swaging, forging, casting, and powder metallurgy.