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Swati (the Good Goer) is one of the Nakshatras (lunar mansions) of Vedic astrology. Shown by a sword, this Nakshatra is a good time to “cut loose” and is considered one of the best signs; people under this sign may tend towards gentleness and friendliness during this time, as well as over-generosity and unawareness of debt. The planet Rahu rules Swati and the god of wind, Vayu, presides over this sign located from Libra 6°40’ to 20°.

—Pramela Thiagesan

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In 1997, Swati established Pak-Oil Company and acquired a jobber-ship for Exxon, Chevron, Mobil, Shell and Diamond Shamrock.
PTI's Azam Swati had submitted papers for Technocrat while PPPP's Faisal Sakhi Butt and Behramand had submitted papers for general seats.
Swati Chokalingam, who died of pancreatic cancer in January 2012.
As she completed her parade in Chennai on Saturday, Lt Swati Mahadik broke down, and her family members and a senior army officer's wife consoled and hugged her, wiping the tears of joy.
Fighting discrimination is an important matter to Swati and her family.
It is to be mentioned that Swati is the wife of BJP leader Daya Shanker Singh who came to limelight when he used derogatory words against BSP chief Mayawati.
PTI District Malakand Senior Vice President Adil Swati, Former District Nazim Malakand Haji Fida Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Yaqoob Khan, Haji Naik Muhammad Khan, Yasir Khan Advocate, Haji Mir Shahwas Khattak, Irshad Khan Advocate, Pir Masoor Gazi and many party supporters accompanied them in a rally towards Riwand March.
Health care company Anthem (NYSE:ANTM) revealed on Thursday the election of Swati Mathai as vice president of Account Management for its National Accounts business segment.
A few days back, Swati Agrawal was going to sleep when the phone rang.
Swati Wangnoo Tiwari, right, will perform seven traditional dances backed by four Indian musicians in the intimate setting of the Reardon Smith Theatre at National Museum Cardiff.
Swati Wangnoo Tiwari will perform seven traditional dances, backed by four Indian musicians, in the intimate setting of the Reardon Smith Theatre at National Museum Cardiff.
Limited Tenders are invited for Provision Of Access Road Including Acceleration And Deceleration Lanes At M/S Swati Fuel Centre, Forbesganj College Chowk, Dist- Araria, Under Begusarai Do.