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see ShantouShantou
or Swatow
, city (1994 est. pop. 718,800), SE Guangdong prov., China, a port on the South China Sea, in the Han River delta. When it was opened to foreign trade after the second Opium War, it was a minor fishing village.
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, China.



(also Shant’ou), a city in China, in Kwangtung Province, on the coast of the South China Sea, in the delta of the Han Chiang. Population, more than 300,000 (1970). Swatow is a transportation hub and seaport. The city’s machine-building industry produces ships, diesel locomotives, machine tools, hydraulic generators, agricultural implements, and instruments. The chemical industry produces photographic paper and film, plastics, and caustic soda. There are enterprises of the rubber, match, textile, tobacco, canning, and sugar industries. Craftsmen make bamboo articles, lacquer ware, umbrellas, and fans. Swatow is a center of the fishing industry.

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The first batch of 52 passengers at Swatow was blocked from landing by local authorities because the deportees did not possess Chinese consular passports, which had never been required before.
Shantou (formerly known as Swatow in the English speaking world) is a center for engineering in China and the company has won a series of awards from Guangdong province and Shantou City for outstanding technological performance.
Some parts of China saw some "three-self" movements initiated by missionaries in the mid-nineteenth century, including the development of the First and Second Amoy Church in Xiamen, as well as the self-governing presbyteries under the English Presbyterian Mission in Swatow.
In Shanghai, Amoy, Swatow, Nanao (Nam-oa, of eastern Kwangtung), Canton and Macao, British, U.
De acuerdo con Cohen, se ha detectado que el puerto de Swatow (hoy Shantou) en la provincia de Guangdong, donde se embarcaron los inmigrantes chinos, era un centro de comercio ilegal de personas y usualmente estas hacian parte del segmento mas pobre de la poblacion.
Construction of the deep-sea port of Swatow (1856-58) to replace the old silted-up junk port of Changlin greatly quickened the flow of coolie labour from the Taechiu Prefecture to Bangkok by steamer transport (Supang 2006, pp.
Teochew/Teo-chew (1893) after the name Swatow in district of Kwangtung in southern China serves to designate both the people and the language spoken by this people.
A second stream of Chinese men sought work as labourers and migrated through Hong Kong to California, Canada, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand; through Amoy and Swatow to Singapore, Malaya, Thailand and Java; and from Canton and Macao to the West Indies and South America.
On 18 January 1953 Chinese antiaircraft batteries shot down a VP-22 P2V off Swatow.
No stranger to writing, she most recently wrote a history of the Ursuline Chinese Province titled Swatow and edited A Company of Women, a book of essays centering on vocation.
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Rejointes par Chan Tsi Kwan, qui prend le nom de soeur Marie-Gabriel, elles font un court sejour a Chuanchowfu, puis s'installent a Swatow ou elles font l'ecole et prennent charge de la creche.