sweat lodge

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sweathouse, sweat lodge

1. A structure used for sweating of tobacco.
2. An American Indian structure heated by steam produced by pouring water on hot stones, and used for therapeutic sweating or ritual.
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Indeed, many regular steam or sauna bathers have experienced that a good, long sweat bath at the early onset of a cold or flu can help ward the disease before it manifests as actual symptoms.
In his History of Sweat Lodges, Mikkel Aaland speaks of a Navajo Indian who found in World War II and used a sweat bath "to rid himself of evil accumulated during war".
The "Felsentherme" in Vals include not only warm indoor and outdoor pools but also a fire bath (42[degrees]C), ice bath (14[degrees]C), grotto bath (35[degrees]C), and sweat bath (85-100% humidity).