sweat lodge

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sweathouse, sweat lodge

1. A structure used for sweating of tobacco.
2. An American Indian structure heated by steam produced by pouring water on hot stones, and used for therapeutic sweating or ritual.
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Shape House is the first and only urban sweat lodge that pairs an ancient tradition with modern wellness, and helps to burn calories, deepen sleep, improve skin, lift moods, and change lives.
Ray's success ultimately led him to charge huge speaking fees and event fees, including the ill-fated sweat lodge event in Sedona in 2009.
For hundreds of years, we have performed religious and cultural ceremonies here, including the sun dance, sweat lodge rites, vision quests, and prayer offerings.
The stone-walled Jasha Spa, inspired by pre-Columbian architecture, has quiet gardens that fringe an ancient sweat lodge; meditation sessions are conducted by votive candle.
In a peyote purification (sweat lodge) ceremony, Hoolie leverages the truth to bridge the divide.
1000 to 1400), and fire-cracked rock from Schilling (a pre-contact sweat lodge).
He brought up the sweat lodge she put together to help me prepare for going back to Vietnam in 1993 on a mission of mercy.
Those participants testify about processing their situations through creativity sessions that included autonomous gardening, nature outings, access to a sweat lodge and addressing the outside community, as well as by being allowed to maintain contact with their babies.
Motivational speaker James Arthur Ray was arrested on manslaughter charges after three people died following a northern Arizona sweat lodge ceremony he'd led in Oct.
Program activities will include information sessions, cultural teachings, traditional craft projects and sweat lodge ceremonies.
So, when I got to the "urban sweat lodge" - Shape House in Larchmont, Los Angeles - I was looking forward to switching my phone off for a bit of "me time".