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see sweating systemsweating system,
method of exploiting labor by supplying materials to workers and paying by the piece (see piecework) for work done on those materials in the workers' homes or in small workshops (sweatshops).
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As I said, it was built on sweated labour. And how we sweated.
24-44; 'No necessary connection with homework': gender and sweated labour, 1840-1909, Social History, vol.
A parliamentary report said Uber treats drivers as Victorian-style "sweated labour", with some taking home less than the minimum wage for a 70-hour week, after running costs.
"Some of the costs of production may be hard to see, such as greenhouse gas emissions or the impacts of sweated labour, but someone is bearing them now or in the future.
Sheila Blackburn, A Fair Day's Wage for o Fair Day's Work?: Sweated Labour and the Origins of Minimum Wage Legislation in Britain (Aldershot, UK: Ashgate 2007)
Whatever the source of any Gaudy Welsh you may come across, one thing is certain: sweated labour produced it, much of the work being done by children sometimes as young as eight.
The city council, said a third, was relying on sweated labour from Scandinavia, and depriving hard-pressed workers in Scotland and Cornwall of employment.
He had some knowledge of the East End and the sweated labour in the clothing trade, in which the Jews notably engaged.
Ultimately, transnational co-ordinative unionism needs to be a practical alternative to the fantasy that a labour aristocracy of skilled, well-paid workers can protect their jobs at the expense of sweated labour around the world.