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1. A tool or die used to shape metal.
2. A tool for setting the teeth on a saw by bending one tooth at a time to the proper angle.
3. To shape metal by the use of a swage, 1.
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In conjunction, the Swedge system is the company's first product development effort-and a seminal achievement: SRI's system holds the tulip's position while contouring rods in a multi-level scenario.
die to swedge the shoulder back to within a few thousandths of its final position, turned the necks right to that shoulder using my .30 caliber neck turn pilot, and then necked them up to 8mm.
The unsharpened swedge around the forward top portion of the blade, along with the decorative fuller groove near the spine class things up.
The All Purpose's clip-point blade has a deep-bellied hollow-grind for excellent slice-ability and the swedge grind on the backside enhances penetration so, in essence, you've got the best of both worlds for game or foe.