sweet annie

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sweet wormwood

sweet wormwood

(not the same as common wormwood) Strong anti-viral, highly effective against malaria. Sweet-smelling, sharp, fern-like leaves. Tiny yellow-green flower clusters. Leaf tea used for malaria, dysentery, diarrhea, flu, colds. Seeds used for flatulence (gas), indigestion, night sweats
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I also use dried sweet Annie, artemesia and dried oregano seed stems as a base.
Whatever the season, Sweet Annie's Herb Store smells of drying plants, reminiscent of fall.
6 Sweet Annie Cat Valdivia Jr/Catalano 6-5 Drops into win spot
9 Lookin At Vanessa Roman/Young 8-1 Gimmick player 5 High Power JLopez/Block 6-1 Must respect team 8 Sweet Annie Cat Felix/Catalano 8-1 Respect team; horse?