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1. cream sherry a full-bodied sweet sherry
a. a yellowish-white colour
b. (as adjective): cream wallpaper
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a dairy product with a high fat content, obtained by separating whole milk into cream and skim milk. Before the invention of the cream separator, cream was obtained by allowing milk to stand between 12 and 24 hours and removing or pouring off the cream that had formed. Dairies produce cream with fat contents of 10,20, and 35 percent (see Table 1).

Table 1. Chemical composition (in percentages) and caloric value of different types of cream
*1 calorie = 4.19 kilojoules
Fat .......................102035
Protein .....................
Lactose ....................
Calories* per 100g .............117.3213.1334.5

In addition to table cream, condensed and powdered cream are also produced. Most cream is made into butter. Cream is also used in the manufacture of sour cream and ice cream.

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Also, Soda Pop Shoppe's Old-Fashioned Sweet Cream Sodas are offered in fun flavours like Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry, Grape, Blue Coconut, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple.
* Sweet cream butter is made from the butterfat of fresh cream, and is left unsalted.
Second place: Rogue Creamery for its Flora Nelle blue cheese; Willamette Valley Cheese for its Perrydale Thick-rind Cheese; Tillamook for its Tillamook Unsalted Sweet Cream Butter.
"Approximately 80 percent of Ingman production is being made using skim milk, sweet cream and butter.
Sprinkles are handcrafted from the finest ingredients, including sweet cream butter, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, fresh bananas and carrots, real strawberries and natural citrus zests.
Ingredients that Seger and other bartenders are seeing pop up in the dessert drink category include chocolate-infused wine, vanilla and chocolate-infused vodka, various liqueurs, chocolate syrup, sweet cream, ice cream, egg whites, pistachios and other things from the pastry kitchen.
Birnbaum's From clovetinted perfume, to chlorine emanating from swimming pools and the reek of sweet cream and salt from butter, her nose was registering so much she found it hard to concentrate.
Back at the soda fountain, what sweet-toothed romantic can turn down a cute soda jerk grinning as he suggests a "Raspberry soda infused with peach ice cream and sweet cream" or a "Cherry Bomb, made with a ball of chocolate ice cream dropped into a cherry soda."
Apple Fritter ice cream features sweet cream ice cream, mixed with chunks of real apples and cinnamon, is the first Tim Hortons-inspired ice cream flavor created by Cold Stone Creamery since the two chains joined forces in early 2009.
A spokeswoman says the company expects it to be a welcome addition to the roster of fragrances currently on shelf, offering what she calls "the dreamy scent of fresh cut coconut and sweet cream."
New scents include Frosted Tree (rich cedar, fir needle and golden amber blend with notes of patchouli and rosemary), Holly Wreath (fresh juniper and eucalyptus leaves with spicy cinnamon bark and sparkling citrus), Homemade Cookies (buttercream and pure cane sugar with vanilla bean and rich sweet cream), Secret Wonderland (frosted jasmine petals and strawberry blended with creamy sandalwood and notes of white amber) and Winter Garland (cranberry champagne and blood orange with notes of balsam, mandarin and white cedar).
The investment of over [pounds sterling]350,000 will see the installation of an additional bulk butter production line capable of handling a range of sweet cream, blended and spreadable butters.