West Indian mahogany

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carapa, crabwood, Surinam mahogany, West Indian mahogany

A pale to reddish brown wood of South America and Africa; moderately hard and heavy, with straight grain and medium texture; used for general construction and in plywood.
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Asterales: Asteraceae Helianthus annuus (*) Asterales: Asteraceae Ipomoea pes-caprae Solanales: Convolvulaceae Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (*) Saxifragales: Crassulaceae Mangifera indica Sapindales: Anacardiaceae Portulaca oleracea (*) Caryophyllales: Portulacaceae Swietenia mahagoni Sapindales: Meliaceae Tagetes patula Asterales: Asteraceae Zinnia elegans (*) Asterales: Asteraceae Food plant Common name Reference Aloe indica Aloe Raut & Barker (2002) Annona squamosa Sugar apple Rao & Singh (2002) Cosmos spp.
Physico-Chemical Characterization, Antimicrobial Activity And Toxicity Analysis Of Swietenia Mahagoni Seed Oil.
De hecho, las plantas sembradas en condiciones de insolacion total, mostraron un crecimiento muy similar a las sembradas en sombra parcial, cuando al final del experimento de vivero se trasladaron a condiciones de sombra parcial creada por arboles de Swietenia mahagoni (datos no mostrados).
As most fans of mahogany know, the wood considered by many to be the most famous of the fine furniture mahoganies is Swietenia mahagoni, also known as Cuban mahogany.
The seasonal abundance and feeding damage of Hypsipyla grandella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in seed capsules of Swietenia mahagoni in Florida.