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a city in Poland, in Katowice Województwo; part of the Upper Silesian Conurbation. Population, 58,000 (1974). Świętochłowice is noted for coal mining, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, including the smelting of zinc, and heavy machine building.

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On a recent morning in Swietochlowice, to the north, children threw in sticks and paper, sucking in the fumes.
These were the offices of the following cities: Bedzin, Bielsko-Biala, Blachownia, Bytom, Chorzow, Cieszyn, Czechowice-Dziedzice, Czeladz, Dqbrowa Gornicza, Gliwice, Jaworzno, Kalety, Katowice, Koziegtowy, Krzanowice, Miasteczko Slqskie, Mikotow, Myslowice, Ogrodzieniec, Orzesze, Piekary Slqskie, Porfba, Pszczyna, Pszow, Pyskowice, Raciborz, Radzionkow, Rybnik, Siewierz, Slawkow, Sosnowiec, Swietochlowice, Tychy, Ustron, Wilamowice, Wisla, Wodzistaw Slaski, Wozniki, Zabrze, Zywiec.
The assessment of the level of disabled customers' service quality in the opinion of the employees of the municipal office (Source: authors own research) Zywec 6,30 Zabrze 5,93 Wozniki 5,93 Wodzislaw Slaski 5,20 Wisla 5,28 Wilamowice 4,85 Ustron 3,48 Tychy 6,53 Swietochlowice 6,70 Sosnowiec 4,88 Slawkow 6,15 Siewierz 6,40 Rybnik 5,43 Radzionkow 5,03 Raciborz 5,78 Pyskowice 5,90 Pszow 4,40 Pszczyna 6,45 Poreba 5,48 Piekary Slaskie 5,08 Orzesze 5,68 Orgrodzieniec 5,95 Myslowice 5,35 Mikolow 5,68 Miasteczko Slaskie 5,83 Krzanowice 5,63 Kozieglowy 5,33 Katowice 6,63 Kalety 5,18 Jaworzno 6,10 Gliwice 6,63 Dabrowa Gornicza 6,65 Czelauz 5,20 Czechowice-Dziedzice 6,48 Cieszyn 5,08 Chorzow 6,50 Bytom 5,10 Blachownia 6,43 Bielsko-Biala 6,80 Bedzin 6,23 Note: Table made from bar graph.
GOP is a group of several cities with a diverse population (from 33.4 thousand in Czeladz to 299.7 thousand in Katowice) and population density (from 678 person/ [km.sup.2] in Dabrowa Gornicza to 3994 person/[km.sup.2] in Swietochlowice).
Modernization of track was extended in the following cities: Bytom, Chorzow, Katowice, Ruda Slaska, Sosnowiec, Swietochlowice and Zabrze.
Poland's Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) war crimes authority suspects Morel is responsible for the death of some 1,538 ethnic Silesians and Germans held at the Swietochlowice concentration camp between February and November 1945.
The 20-year loan to the Republic of Poland is for building the first 13 kilometres from Katowice to Swietochlowice. In total, the EIB has earmarked lending up to ECU 180 million for this first phase of the project.
Morel had been subpoenaed by the Commission for the Investigation of Crimes Against the Polish Nation for interrogation concerning his role as commandant of a camp at Swietochlowice, but he refuses to return from Israel.
If somehow he got some evidence, he figured he'd ask the police to dig at the Rawa River...and he didn't let himself think that the TV cameras absent at Auschwitz (and even The Times and Time) might gather at Swietochlowice to capture the mind-numbing sight: the bones of Germans who'd died in the custody of a Jew."