Swift Current

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Swift Current,

city (1991 pop. 14,815), SW Sask., Canada, on Swift Current Creek. It is a distribution and processing center for a farm and oil region. Other industries are helium extraction, lumbering, and the manufacture of farm machinery and plastic goods. There is a government experimental farm nearby.
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A swift current caught and swept it along with the most alarming oscillations, while the intrepid doctor and his friends saw the gulf of the cataracts yawning below them.
The Frenchmen escorted our travellers from the river, while the balloon, half-empty, and borne away by a swift current, sped on, to plunge, like a huge bubble, headlong with the waters of the Senegal, into the cataracts of Gouina.
They got along quite well at first, but when they reached the middle of the river the swift current swept the raft downstream, farther and farther away from the road of yellow brick.
Kaviri's own canoe went in advance of the others a short distance, and as it rounded a sharp bend in the river where the swift current bore it rapidly on its way it came suddenly upon the thing that Kaviri sought.
For many minutes the struggle between the light bubble in which they floated and the swift current was severe and doubtful.
Slowly against the swift current they work their ponderous way, till, with a low grumble, they grate against the bank of the little island that from this day will bear the name of Magna Charta Island.
The water-courses were at their height, and the boat went down the swift current like a bird.
They launched themselves in frail canoes on rivers, without knowing whither their swift currents would carry them, or what rocks and shoals and rapids they might encounter in their course.
Neither were the schooner captains believed when they reported seeing, on cold winter mornings, a man swimming in the tide-rips of Raccoon Straits or in the swift currents between Goat island and Angel Island miles from shore.
While the early March snowfall improved conditions somewhat, a band stretching southeast from Kindersley through Swift Current and Moose Jaw, down through to Estevan is still projected to experience a lower than normal spring runoff.
He meanders across Lincoln Center Plaza, an island in a swift current of opera-goers sweeping past the fountain's diamond points of light towards the doors of the Met.
After jumping into the river, she told police she swam downstream in a swift current.